What Is Grey Hat SEO?

This is an SEO practice that can be classified as neither white nor black hat SEO. It is a bit riskier to any person who wants to consider to use such technique. The end result might yield to having a website getting banned from search engines. Although, there is more of a 50-50 probability that this might happen.

Only those SEO experts who are very well adept with such technique can make use of it and be successful.

What Is Whitehat SEO?

This is a practice wherein certain techniques have been used in order to boost the ranking of the website. The strategies applied are all in line with the terms and conditions of Google and other search engines.

It focuses on two aspects – the human audience and the search engines. This in return will have a good impact on the ranking as well as conversion rate of the traffic. This would yield to more sales pouring in to a business.